This event took place on 22 March 2014 from 09:00-18:30 SGT at ICANN49 | Singapore in the Sophia room.
Sat, 22 March 2014 - 09:00 to 18:30 SGT
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The in-person meetings held in conjunction with the ICANN meetings provide an opportunity for productive and constructive discussions on issues that involve ICANN consensus policies that relate to interoperability, technical reliability and/or stable operation of the Internet or domain name system.

Anyone interested in the GNSO's policy work is free to attend.


Title Item Type File Size Language
GNSO Discussion with ICANN CEO | Transcript Presentation [PDF 188.89 KB] English
Update on PPSAI | Transcript Transcript [PDF 122.15 KB] English
Prep for WHOIS Studies | Transcript Transcript [PDF 118.78 KB] English
Update on Joint Working Group on Use of Country Codes and Territory Names | Transcript Transcript [PDF 84.72 KB] English
GNSO Review | Transcript Transcript [PDF 185.06 KB] English
Translation and Transliteration Contact Info | Transcript Transcript [PDF 185.15 KB] English
Update on SSAC Discussion | Transcript Transcript [PDF 188.29 KB] English
Prep for Board, GAC and ccNSO Meetings | Transcript Transcript [PDF 181.01 KB] English
Open and Substantial Strategic Discussion | Transcript Presentation [PDF 198.61 KB] English
Update on Standing Committee on Improvements Implementation | Transcript Transcript [PDF 101.32 KB] English
Standing Committee on Improvements Implementation | Transcript Transcript [PDF 192.13 KB] English
Update on Drafting Team Cross Community Working Group | Transcript Transcript [PDF 80.69 KB] English
Update on Joint ccNSO GNSO IDN Working Group (JIG) | Transcript Transcript [PDF 180.35 KB] English
Update on Policy Implementation | Transcript Transcript [PDF 173.38 KB] English
Update on Data & Metrics for Policy Making | Transcript Transcript [PDF 191.46 KB] English
Preliminary Issue Report on IGO and INGO Access to the Curative Protections of the UDRP and URS | Transcript Transcript [PDF 81.17 KB] English
Update on IRTP (D) | Transcript Transcript [PDF 119.8 KB] English
GNSO Working Session | Chat Transcript Transcript [PDF 108.95 KB] English